Sunday, February 11, 2007

Our weekend project

This weekend was our Oldest Son's first ever hockey tournament. It was an absolute blast to watch him play with all his friends! We had teams here from Castlegar, Revelstoke and Salmon Arm. He was really proud of how he played, and so were all of us.

One of his passions lately has been ventriloquism. He's been trying to figure out how he can afford a 'vent' puppet - the ones he's been looking at have been upwards of $300! Knowing that he won't be able to afford anything like that soon, we set out to make a puppet he has named Martin.

He was as involved in the process as he could be - some of it was a little complicated! He discovered that he really likes using the iron.

We started out with a doll body pattern enlarged it by 50%, and modified the neck and head to have the puppet parts it needed. Our son can put his hand in at the middle of Martin's back push up into his head to work his mouth hand-puppet style. We realized pretty early on that Martin was going to be pretty BIG!

After making a baby quilt last week he has become pretty handy with the sewing machine. Here he is stitching between Martin's fingers. Martin's arms aren't actually attached yet, contrary to how it looks in the picture.

Here's a final shot of Oldest boy and Martin with features drawn in, but no hair yet - we made him a toque (how Canadian is that) so that he can go to school.
Martin has had dinner with us tonight, and helped Oldest with his spelling and reading homework. He also observed a bath (electing not to join in).
Martin is big enough to fit into some of our Youngest son's recently too-small-clothes. We didn't have to build him a wardrobe, but we are going to have to do something about that lack of hair. My DH suggested that Oldest give Martin some of his, but Oldest said,"no way, I'm not ready to cut it yet!"
Back to quilting tomorrow, once all the boys are back at school.
Happy stitching!


Samantha said...

That's fantastic- what a great project to share with your son!

Lisa said...

Thanks, Samantha. It was a blast to build. The fun part begins now, with all the performances - I don't think I've ever heard so many puns in my life!