Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Quick progress post while I'm near a computer....

On Saturday we had the towing company pick everything up....

And Sunday morning they brought it to us and put it down at our new place.
Here's the garage, now at the point DH and his Dad and brother got it to in order for us to live in's a long story. We'll not be living in it now, as they've started the construction of the house!

Look at that - so easy, a child can do it (hah!). This is how high they got the first floor built yesterday (up from the foundation). Now they put the scaffolding inside and get ready to build higher...
Those are our front windows where we will look out from our living and dining rooms. I can hardly wait.


Until next time,


Friday, August 22, 2008

See you soon

We'll be going off line shortly while we get our new place set up, and during the nitty gritty of our move. I hope to be checking in with you all again in early September!

All the best to you until then,


Sunday, August 17, 2008


Dh's brother and Dad have been at our land for the last week, putting this bad boy together. Wow! Can you believe they did this in one week?

We're busy packing here, we'll move next weekend.

Things I have learned from packing:

I am old enough to have a formidable number of National Geographics. They hurt a lot when you stub your toe on them.

Keeping a Lego container in every room is a VERY good idea. That way any wayward pieces do actually end up back with all the other Lego.

All those twist ties in the bottom of the garbage bag drawer are mighty handy for wrapping up computer cords, lamp cords, etc., etc.

Every time you think you've packed all the books, there are more books. Books individually are light. Many books together are heavy. Really, really heavy.

For everything I keep, there is something that I don't.

Stuff is just stuff, but some of it really matters. Stuff that matters is worth keeping.


Saturday, August 02, 2008

Something I meant to post

A reflection in the hub of our new truck...noticed while exiting the outhouse one morning:

I just LOVE distorted images.



Sleep? What's that?

Omy. I haven't had a night like this in a long, long time.

Can't seem to get my brain to shut off. Keep trying to lie down, but -


So, I took some photos along the way, thinking I would show you all the process for this, but it's done.

There are a couple of modifications I'd like to make...mostly to do with the order of construction.

Once again I took the webbing strap and big clip for the shoulder strap from the previous bag (what does that make? 5 bags now that I've used that strap?), and took the zipper out of it for this one.

I had a small clasp and some webbing here that I'd removed from some previous bag or backpack that came in handy holding the flap side down.

I have a hunch that I put the zipper in so that it would be more convenient for someone who is left-handed (uh, I'm not). The pockets on the inside are not as detailed as usual...there need to be more pencil slots in there (once again, an order of construction problem. I stitched through all the layers with the zipper side pocket and front open pocket before stitching the inside pocket to the lining. Big mistake).

The size is good, though, and I like the way it feels on. It holds all my gear with a little room left over for my camera, as well.

This one is certainly worth making again, better though.

Maybe this time when I lie down sleep will find me...



Friday, August 01, 2008

It's a good thing that I love this puppy...

...because apparently it loves me. A lot. Remember this bag? He ate it.


I guess he missed me.

My sister was wise to point out that it could have been worse, the laptop could have been in it at the time....

It's brought about another bag design brainstorm - here's the 'nuts and bolts' page in my journal along with all the things that I find myself carrying these days (wallet, sketchbook, phone - I've finally joined modern society -keys, MP3 player, and, well, poop bags). If you can see the drawing, the one I've decided on is the picture I drew in the middle of the page - inspired by the 'comb over' bag shape, but smaller in scale. I need to make it to fit these things... not nearly as big as the actual 'comb over' bag (which is designed for carrying a laptop, etc.).

I think this one will have final dimensions of around 10"w X 9"h X 3 1/2" deep. I've figured out where all the pockets will go, and drawn the main pattern piece on vellum, getting ready to cut things out. Now I just have to figure out which order the pieces go together in....


Our last while at the new place

We've been down at the land off and on over the past while...the pics above are from the hike that we took down the trail behind our new place. If you'd like to browse through the pictures and descriptions, you can do so here.

We've been watching the foundations being poured for our garage, as well as the first few rows of blocks on our house. Apparently they are starting the back fill today, and bringing in the loads of gravel in for the driveway and the fill needed for the main floor (I think). If you'd like to see more of that, you can look here. It's the spot that has all the pictures of our place so far...

Yesterday was Oldest's birthday. Oi! My Oldest is 11! We had lots of great cousin cuddles and friend time, got to go to the movie and have some friends sleep over. Pancakes for breakfast this is good.

Thought you might enjoy a parting shot of my two young men in their wedding guest finery. We got to see some dear friends begin their lives together this weekend past, and it was a very special thing to be a part of.

Happy summer,