Saturday, February 10, 2007

Inclined to Bind

Like many people I've been talking to lately I've finally caught fire for finishing! Here is the stack of binding I have pending. The first couple of hours this morning have been spent applying binding to all the big and small quilts I have around here that needed it, now the hand stitching begins!

At our quilt meeting last week I brought another stack (all little ones) that needed just the hand stitching done. We got to talking about how hard it is to finish, why we don't just take those last steps, and the reasons why various projects get put aside. It was really interesting, as absolutely everyone had something lurking somewhere in a closet or under the bed that needed finishing. One of the ladies there said,"Obviously, Lisa doesn't like doing binding." I thought about it, and realized that she's right. I don't like this last step. Not so much the binding, but the hand stitching for the sleeve. One thing all the quilts in today's photo (and the ones I took to group last week) have in common is a hanging sleeve. I've got to be really, really disciplined to sit and stitch that sleeve. I can brew several pots of tea and fold lots and lots of laundry while procrastinating that short (often not more than 20 or 30") stretch of seam.
So. Without really intending to, I've made a bit of a promise to myself to finish a lot of what has been started here.
(and yes, you can see some Christmas fabrics peeking out in the pile above. - Hey, my gifts are going to be ready for NEXT year, right?!?)

Happy Saturday,


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