Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Inking done!

I've got the ink part of the cherub quilt done. Today I put the blue shadows in the vines, did the purples and reds, and pushed all the really dark navy shadows into the figures.

I love these inks! They have a wonderful transparent quality that makes the figures really glow. The colours are true, too, not muddy.

Now I have to mark for the background latticework, then I can get to stitching!

I've included a couple of photos here for comparison:
These are pictures of the last cherub in the line... one with the dark blue shadows, and one without. It's amazing how the dark contrast just 'pops' the figure into 3dimensions. You may not be able to see it very well on the thumbnails, but if you click on the photos you will get a 600 pixel wide photo to look at. I hope the colours show well on your monitor. On mine they are very close to the original.

Also included for your enjoyment is one of my favorite parts of this quilt as it is developing - the lower right corner. There's a little rabbit making a quick getaway, along with my favorite piece of vine and leaf. It might be because it's so much bigger, but the blending worked here the best of any single area on the piece, has the best shadow/light quality.

I have to decide on a title overnight...I'm thinking "Bacchanalia"? It seems to suit the carefree mischievousness of the Cherubs.

My entry has to be postmarked tomorrow - so I'd better decide tonight!

Happy stitching (or whatever it is that you do)


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