Monday, December 11, 2006

This beautiful place

The weather here is amazing right now. This morning on my way back from taking my youngest to school I found deer tracks all around our back gate. After following the tracks around it appears that they jumped the fence (gutsy, considering we have a dog)and wandered around our yard eating the few blackberries, grapes and rose hips that were clinging to the bushes. We try to keep the fruit-bearing plants really cleaned up in the fall as we don't really want to invite bears! This year, however, there were some little remnants of the season there - but no more! The tracks went back to the gate, over and out again. It looked like two, but there may have been more.
The photo above is from last Saturday, on the NewDenver/Kaslo highway. It was a spectacular drive...I tend to carry my camera with me to photograph anything that takes my interest...many times this is where colour schemes come from for new quilts, or the spark of a design for a pantograph pattern. Not all of our quilting equipment is a needle and thread! The sky last week was that amazing high-altitude, cold weather blue that is so rare and beautiful. The crisp mountain tops were the clearest white, and the air was at it's most transparent. So unusual, so perfect, so fleeting.


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