Thursday, December 07, 2006


Well, I finished them last night (my sister will be so impressed). It was one of those "one more stripe", "I'll go to bed after the next stripe", "oh, look there's only 2 stripes left - I could finish this by the end of CSI"...any stitcher knows how that goes. Anyhoo, they're warming my toes as I write! They're made from Regia sock wool on 2.75 mm needles and the pattern is a 'toe up' one. It's the first time I've made 'toe up' socks and found that I quite liked doing the short rowing for the heel. It'll be interesting to see if the heel has as much long term strength in it as the ones I'm used to doing in the top down version. I don't know about how picky it is to start the toe, though. It seems like way too many needles for the amount of stitches for the first 15 rounds or so - BUT I like the 'no seam' look, and it was nice to finish without doing the toe grafting.

The main reason for doing a 'toe up' pattern this time was that I was hoping to use all the wool that I had (2 50g skeins). I still have loads of wool left over...these could have been as long as Wicked Witch of the West socks if I'd kept going! Ah well, time to cast on some baby socks for my niece, then...


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