Friday, December 01, 2006

Finished! - and the winter wonderland

I finished this quilt today - it's for a customer in Grand Forks. It's tremendously late getting back to her...I feel terrible, but there's not a lot I could do. I have one supplier that is sometimes veeeerrrry slow getting batting out to me - sadly it is my customers who end up getting the brunt of that. Anyhoo...this one's done, and I love how it came out. I did the whole works in Silco cotton thread, and it ran like a dream on my Millennium.
The quilt itself is so pretty. The picture doesn't do it much justice - the batiks are strong and beautiful, saturated colour.

I've also included a picture of our house taken around lunch time today...we have easily 1/2 M of snow on our roof. The weather has warmed up enough that it's nice to be outside again (it's only about -9 C). If I could, I'd go cross country skiing today. The last few days were so cold that the car froze completely shut. My DH thinks that the snowblower may have frozen! If the current rate of snow keeps up that may become an issue!

Enjoy stitching,


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