Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Illustration Friday Challenge

Here's my little sketch about the Illustration Friday challenge "Mask".
A few different images were rolling around in my head most of the day yesterday while quilting, and late last night I got a chance to quickly put one down. This is my favorite composition of them all, I think. I've always been intregued by the idea of masks, a lot of my early drawings and paintings deal with masks in different ways. The sketch is entitled 'dressing room' and the character is getting ready for her day. I've always felt that we all have masks that we wear for different reasons, some that are a result of the situation we are in, some we wear in spite of it, or bring into a situation.
Not very 'quilt-y' I know. Please bear with me!
The quilt I'm working on right now is gorgeous - all in velvets and batiks in rich, dark colours. As soon as there is some good light in here I'll take and post a picture.

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studio lolo said...

Really nice drawing! You've captured many expressions well :)