Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Busy day!

Yesterday was tremendously busy. Aside from mailing out my last quilt for the year, I worked my 'other' job at the school delivering the Roots of Empathy program. I work in the grade seven classes at our school with two teachers who have been gracious enough to share their precious classroom time. In one class we talked about diapering -what a riot! The students ask really good questions, and challenge me to be clear, concise and straightforward. In the other class we had our parent/child come to visit. The baby in that class is 3 months old now, and we got to see how much stronger and capeable he is this month than last month. The unit we're doing in that class is centred on crying as a means of communication, and the students and parent had a really good question/answer period about crying and strategies that deal with crying.
In between classes at the school, I was here with our local newspaper editor talking about my shop, quilting and design business. I had a project come out in the Festive Issue of A Needle Pulling Thread magazine - which arrived day before yesterday! This is the first time I've had something published in a nationally distributed magazine! Needless to say I've been walking about 2" above the ground. It looks like the article that he's doing is going to come out in next week's or the following week's paper.
We had one of our son's Christmas Concerts last night. What fun. It was great to see everyone from the community out! Our other son's concert is tonight, then only a few more sleeps (in our youngest's words) until the big day!

Wherever you are, have a wonderful holiday with those you care about the most.


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