Saturday, December 02, 2006

Creativity Exercises 4

Yesterday my boys and I took the challenge being offered by Blue Sky Studios for this week, which was to draw a new superhero. It was so much fun! I didn't limit the time to 1/2 hr. this time, and we took closer to 45 minutes to do our drawings. My scanner is on the blink, so these are photos of what we did.

Mine is QuilterGirl (of course)...I started out with a traditional hero costume for her, then decided she should wear comfortable clothes. No boots and spandex for her! Just good 'ol breathable cotton. Just in case you can't tell - that is a rotary cutter she is holding aloft - maybe at a later date she will be balancing her featherweight on one finger (wink).

I know we can all relate to her stance of triumph after completing something particularly difficult or time consuming! To have climbed the allegorical peak and reached the highest hights of our skills is an awesome feeling. Okay, sometimes just getting something finished gives us that feeling!

Oldest son's hero is on the left - Duckman. You can see the strong soundwaves coming out of his bill.

Youngest son's hero is on the right, Frostkill. He can breathe out icicles - chilly!

I could really use a ScannerGirl or ComputerWiz right about now. Maybe I should go back to the drawing board and invent someone who can fix my scanner!



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