Thursday, January 04, 2007

Photos of a couple of those 'little' quilts from yesterday

The first one is from a pattern I was honoured to be able to submit to this month's Unlimited Possibilities magazine. This a stand-up quilting machine focussed magazine produced in the 'States by Vicki Anderson. She often has a free pattern included in the magazine (previous ones have been submitted by the likes of Jodi Beamish). It's page sized, and I did up a couple as little seasonal wallhangings for gifts - yes, this year I haven't even sent out my cards yet! I think I'll be writing New Year's letters instead...

This next one is from a photo transfer that I did back in August. Back then I had the bright idea to do a series of little journal quilts and tried really hard to find people in my area who would be willing to try to do them to, to no avail. Not to be discouraged, I started with photos I took of myself on my 36Th birthday, played around with them in a photo manipulation program I have until they were just hints of outlines, then transferred them to Bubble-Jet Set treated muslin. They've been sitting next to my domestic sewing machine in that state ever since. Yesterday while doing all the little quilts I popped this one on the machine and finally got started - it's a little self-indulgent romantic, but it's done. The shiny stuff is my first experiment with Angelina Fibres, as easy to use as everyone says they are. The binding is from fabric I dyed a couple of years ago, and the thread is all Aurofil. Three colours of thread, but that's hard to see in the photo. There's the turquoise, of course, but there's a dove grey and a warm gentle tan colour, too. This first one is quite subtle - rather a departure from my usual colour-soaked habits - but I think that will change as I get to doing more of them. The original idea was to do one per month but it's starting to look like a semi-annual thing.
Back to stitching,


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Hi, I'm so glad you visited me, I like you already! Love the picture made from your portrait, that idea just got filed for the kids. We've been married about 6 months longer than you and I have been a bit og a drawer stuffer as well, it'd fun to see the kids'baby book and photoalbums jump about three years at a time. I love your Long armer, that is a distant wish of mine, I hate the quilting! It's a pity you aren't in Australia, I have them lining up! See you later-definitely,Tracey

Lisa said...

Thanks Tracy, for the sweet comment! It was lovely to wake up to this morning!