Saturday, January 20, 2007

Oh Baby, we got SNOW

I felt compelled to put some photos up of the amazing amount of snow we have here so far...

You can see by the picture at left that the front of our house has over a metre piled up in front of it! The shot that gives the best impression of how deep it is on the roof is this:

Just for fun, compare the height of the back of our car to the top of the trunk with the amount of snow on the roof - it hasn't been this deep here in around 10 years.

Imagine walking through the carport, through the wood shop, then into our back yard. Thanks to my hard-working husband, the path to our back door looks like the photo at the height of the snow with the door!

As all good motorcyclists do, my DH put our bikes to bed at the end of riding season last year in here, our bike shop. There is a path to the big door, so that he can start them up from time to time and make sure they still running. They are babied with a low heat on in there.

Notice the depth of the snow at our 4 foot's a good thing our dog has lost her wanderlust. She used to just step over the fence whenever the snow has been this deep in previous years! DH would get out there and dig a big, deep trench along on our side of the fence so that she couldn't get out. Not anymore. The old girl would rather stay in the house and nap.

And one last shot for fun...
Driving has been really interesting lately...rather like piloting the car through a network of tunnels. There is no way to see oncoming traffic at intersections, as the snow on the sides of the road is higher than most of the cars. I did have the experience today of parking at the grocery store between two VERY large trucks - the kind that have wheels almost as high as our whole car. They may not be having the visibility troubles that some of us regular car owners are having.
Today has been beautiful, though. It was so wonderful to see the sun after at least 3 days of nonstop snow.
I'm hoping the road to the X-country ski trails is ploughed by morning...

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