Monday, January 15, 2007

Little bits of progress

Here it is again, the Hummingbird quilt. Slowly but surely it's coming together!
Last night and this morning I spent some more time piecing this challenging quilt - it's an evolving process, one that finds me inventing techniques on the fly. The biggest challenge met (and conquered!) today was an irregular angle set in seam. amazingly, it worked, and the quilt top continues to evolve FLAT. The top bits were not all that tricky - more of a training ground for this work at the bottom getting the different leaves attached and making the transition from blue to green. The quilt is coming out somewhat bigger than originally intended, but I'm not sure that it could have been done on the originally planned scale. It's already 26" wide and about 41" long. It'll be a little bigger, yet, I think, before all is done.
A little later today I'll get back to quilting my sister's NY Beauty quilt. I'll post a picture of my progress as soon as things start to come together. It's beautiful - lots of colour and contrast - truly a joy to work on.

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