Saturday, January 27, 2007

Illustration Friday - RED

I know it's a little departure from the ordinary, but here it is: my Illustration Friday contribution. This week's theme is 'RED'. My first thought on reading it was a kid holding his breath because he wasn't getting what he wanted! I talked to my boys about it, after a few poses for photos (what a blast we had doing that!) and a couple of drafts of different pictures, here's the outcome. For those who are interested, it was done with CorelPaint.
The photo I was working from was one of my youngest - NO! Neither of my boys actually ever held their breath in order to get his way. YES! My seven year old looks that ripped!

Don't worry, I'm still quilting!



studio lolo said...

This shows great emotion!

Andrew Thornton said...

I once was working as a teacher's aid at a Summer Art Camp for kids at a museum. At the end of the program one of the mothers came up to me and told me how much her son's behaviour had improved. She said that he used to hold his breath to get his way and had since stopped. I laughed and said that he tried to do that the first day when he didn't get the snack he wanted. She asked me how I got him to stop. I told her that when he started to hold his breath and before he got too red, I calmly explained to him that it was pointless, because there weren't any other snacks and that eventually he would pass out and start breathing normally again and that either way, he wouldn't win. The choice was his to either play with his friends and make art projects, or be sent home for nap time. Given the choice, he soon corrected the error of his ways.

Michelle Lana said...

great expression!