Monday, January 08, 2007

Not about quilts...(well, mostly)

I posted this photo today for a couple of reasons -

1) I rarely see 'the girls' together anymore in a quiet moment...certainly not when I have the camera. If they are together they are often wrestling! With the our children having gone back to school today the girls are rattling around the house saying, 'hey! where'd everybody go?!"

2) - there you go, for all you doubters out there...I do have TWO black cats, not just one that seems to teleport to different parts of the house! (They do have a strong sibling resemblance though. The funny thing is, the one in the back of the photo is MUCH larger than the one in the front! You would never know by this picture...)

The second photo here is of Saddleback, the peak in the far left of the picture. It's hard to believe that our sons and I climbed that in August last year. It'll certainly be around August again by the time all that snow has melted away again. We've had a stunning amount of snow here over the past few days, followed by a little rain (just to keep the roads interesting). The snow banks in the laneway by our house are over 6 feet deep from ploughing the road! It was -8 this morning (that's in Celcius) and our forecast is to go down to -14 by tomorrow. Good thing the house is nice and snug. This is the best time of year to be a quilter!

I was talking to Jodi Beamish over at Willow Leaf Studio last weekend and she asked me to let you know that Cumulus will soon be available in digital format, that the release for that will probably be this week. You can find all the Willow Leaf Studio and associated patterns at
I've got one more week of playtime before beginning work on the customer quilts. Stay tuned!
Happy stitching,


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Lori said...

Your "girls" are beautiful. I love black cats. I have a tuxedo cat. My vet told me that black cats are very intelligent. I believe him.