Thursday, January 18, 2007

Heather's Quilt is done!

Here it is - done!
My sister's NY Beauty quilt - and isn't it a beauty? Heather worked on this for about 4 months, on and off, finishing it this January. I got the quilting done last night and hung it up in the studio - my oldest son came in, shouted, "WHOA!" and went over to check it out quite thouroughly. There you go, Heather, it appeals to all ages! I hope she doesn't want it back TOO soon, I'm really enjoying having it up in my space.

The stashbusters out there might be interested to learn that it is mostly from fabrics that Heather had in her stash - this is remarkable to me, as her usual use of colour is sophisticated, but restrained. This certainly is sophisticated - but she didn't hold back and used all the bits of the colour wheel! For what it's worth, I got to bust out a lot of thread stash on this quilt, around 14 colours worth - I actually have some empty bobbins now. The quilt is done using a black batting made by Hobbes (80%cotton, 20% polyester). The dark batting really lets the colours glow and the black fabric be really, really black. No batting pokies on this quilt!

Heather did not use a specific print pattern for this, but collected many different NY Beauty block patterns, then played with it until she came up with a setting she liked. She designed the border treatment and much of the quilt was paper pieced.
Woohooo! I can't wait to see this at the quilt show!

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Lori said...

Wow! absolutely beautiful! I am just a beginner quilter so I am no where near that kind of work of art. Thank you for sharing.