Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Off the machine

I thought I'd include this here as I don't know how many other people with longarm quilting machines do this:

I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but what I had done was put on a really big backing, much bigger than the quilt (Zoe's) that I was going to do. Once I got to the end of her quilt, I put on little pieces that I have here that I never seem to get around to quilting...using leftover bits of batting that are just the right size. This one got me right to the end of the backing. I'll cut apart all these little quilts and bind them over the next day or two.
Anyone else out there do this? I think it's the only way I'd ever get the little stuff quilted.
Happy stitching,


Ramona-quilter said...

Yes, that is a time-saver. Last week, I did it with 3 shop-sample quilts for an upcoming Square in a square class.
The 3 quilt-ettes were 24 x 24 and would probably have been easier to do on my DSM but I wanted to use my Circle Lord. I used a long scrap batt and stitched the 3 quilts together at the borders. I quilted them on the longarm with CL and then ripped out the seams between the three quilts. It worked great.
I'm so happy to see that somebody else has tried this. Validation is a good thing!

Lisa said...

I'm glad someone else does this, too! I find it interesting that you stitched them together. Have you tried a full float for any of them? I find Sherrie Rogers-Harrison's method of using a batting tube split lengthwise really handy in making sure that the bottom edge of a full-float quilt doesn't 'creep'.

swooze said...

Great idea Lisa!!

Lisa said...

Thanks, Swooze!