Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The joy of Rhubarb

Yesterday I harvested our first rhubarb of the year - it's hard to believe it's our last spring eating rhubarb from this patch. We'll definitely have to establish a patch at the new place...once we know where the buildings are going to be. Oh, and get the sticks off the ground (among other things).

I won't re-write the recipe, as it can be found here.

Making pudding cake has been a family tradition since we've been in this house. In terms of DH's and my lives that's not all that long, but it is all of living memory for our boys. Every year the rhubarb is greeted as it emerges from the ground, the first cake eagerly anticipated.

Every Mom should have seasonal treats like this in her recipe book - because the 'mmmmmmmmm's and the 'oh, this is so goooood's are so worth the little effort that it takes.

Have a sweet day,

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