Monday, May 26, 2008

found treasures...

I've been going through all the boxes in my sewing room, getting organized and trying to decide what I really want (and what can be given away or sold) - uncovering partially finished treasures.

When I first started the machine quilting part of the shop I made wallets and tote bags for sale from my quilted fabric. It gave me a great way to sell off the practice pieces I was making, a way to use lovely fabrics in my practice bits, and to promote my quilting. People could hold in their hand a little bit of my work (usually with a business card tucked strategically inside) and I could get better at freehanding. It was a good system.
Lately I've been lamenting that my current wallet is giving up the ghost. Corners are worn through and it won't come clean in the wash anymore. I uncovered a box today that had several wallet starts in it, one that was so far along all it needed was the binding! I reached into my odds-and-ends binding box tonight, found an appropriate colour that was long enough, and VOILA! I have a brand-new, seven-year-old wallet!

Also while going through boxes I uncovered this little honey. I initially did the paper mache head, arms and legs in about '93, I'd guess. Her body is a little scrap of tea dyed muslin that I embroidered the bodice of at that time.

(Could someone tell me why blogger keeps over rotating my pictures?????)

I started stuffing her body tonight, and will glue on her hair, assemble her and make her a skirt tomorrow. I made two originally, and my sister-in-law has had the other one all these years, the only one of the pair that was completed.

I'm looking forward to seeing her finished...


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