Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A tremendous honour

While I was not looking, Debra awarded me which reminds me how thankful I really am for this online network of wonderful people I've met through blogging. I don't know if I'll ever get the chance to meet Debra in person (she's in Texas and I'm in B.C.), but if I ever do, she'll get a big, big (Texas-sized) hug. If I could give the award back to her, I would. Her work is tremendous, it makes me think...it makes me drool...and most of all, it's a feast for the senses. I really would love to reach right through my monitor and touch what she's working on...maybe someday we'll have feel-o-vision for us fibre nuts.

Who to share this honour with? She's already passed it on to a couple of lovelies that I'd have had on my list...

Here are some inspirational blogs that I read as they are posted:

Rhiannon (over at Toast and Cupcakes). Rhiannon is a lovely, tremendously talented clothing designer who is busy, busy, busy. I've got a couple of her creations in my closet (all the way from Australia) and love reading about her life when she has time to post. I find her work very inspiring.

Bethany (over at Bitter Betty Industries). Bethany is always cooking up something new, whether it's wonderful vintage-styled clothing, cooking, gardening, or puppy rearing. I never know what I'll find with one of her posts, but I always know it'll have style.

Jared (over at Brooklyn Tweed) never fails to amaze me with his knitting, his spinning and his wonderful photography. Drool.

Samantha (over at Diary of a Mad FabriHolic) is always doing something involving her family, her work, her volunteer work, her knitting or her quilting. She combines colours in wonderful ways and has tremendous enthusiasm for crafting. I always open her posts to see what's going on.

Sue (over at Sue Bleiweiss) is always making new surfaces for us fibre junkies to ooh and aah at. I was lucky enough to take a class on multi-media surfaces from her last year (some of you longtime readers might remember) which opened my eyes to all kinds of new possibilities for fibre art and fibre art surfaces. I'm a huge fan of her journals, which she has made into an art form unto themselves.

Now, these are only a few of my daily reads. These are some of the wonderful people that keep my creative juices flowing, even when I can't express my fibre-lust in my own life - I get to live vicariously through theirs...




Debra said...

It's really a small world--maybe I can Canada on the travel list once the new house is built! *wink*

swooze said...

Any nibbles on the house?

bitter betty said...

my apologies for the slow response.. we were internet free for a bit.. and then it was blackberry jam crunch time. I just think this is the sweetest and it means alot coming from such a multi-talented lady such as yourself!

Thanks so much.