Saturday, July 12, 2008

There's no school like the OLD school...

As my DH pulled up with the truck, Oldest said, "cool, we got a retro truck!"

Little does he know how NOT retro, but just plain OLDSCHOOL this whole set up is...yup, a beautiful '76 Skylark camper and 80's vintage GMC. Guess where the boys are sleeping tonight? I just took out a flashlight to them, in case they need to come in during the night.

The truck has been dubbed 'Rootbeer', and the boys want to name the camper 'Cappuccino' - I mentioned that we don't have to name all our vehicles after beverages, but was voted out. Sigh. Who am I to argue?

We'll take it down to the land tomorrow, and set up a rather deluxe (well, more so than the van, anyway) domicile so that the boys and I can spend more time down there without having to tent. And this way we'll have an easier way to cook meals and store food.

Life is good.


1 comment:

Debra said...

OMG! been there and done that! (the first time when those vehicles were new!)

Have fun!