Friday, July 11, 2008

Bad. Bad Blogger. Bad. Sit. Stay. Good Girl!

We've been up to lots of shenanegans over the past 10 days, but somehow I've not been able to get it together to sit down here and log them.

The boys and I spent part of last weekend down at our land, clearing sticks and watching DH get the site ready for the foundation pouring fellas...who apparently got there last night and started their work! Whee! The house is begun!

And now I can better appreciate the basic necessities of life, and just how hard it has been for DH living without them all these months while we waited for this part of the project to begin.

Here is the much celebrated outhouse (in situ), and functioning power pole. Life is good, and a bit more convenient.

We played hard, and worked hard. I 've spent a LOT of my time working on communicating with this guy:

(who would be easier to see if Blogger would stop over-rotating my pictures!!)

We're all pretty lucky that he's such a smart dog (or maybe I'm just close to his intelligence level), and that he's quite laid back. He's just starting to get a little 'adolescent' minded, making things rather interesting.

He's still very affectionate, which can be a lot to handle at 67kilos!

Not far from our new house site in Crescent Valley is an antique shop called 'Rosetown Antiques and Collectibles'. Originally sucked in at the idea of antique sewing machines (because I need more...really... - ahem), and got talking with the owner. It turns out that she is an avid sewer and fibre artist - we had a LOT in common, and she was very friendly and welcoming.
I had a look at some of her machines, her vintage clothing (gulp! - beautiful dresses from the 40's...close to my size...DANGER), and a little shoebox of patterns. This lovely Simplicity pattern had to come home with me! Sadly not all the pattern pieces are in it, but that's okay. I was thinking I might like to frame the envelope and instructions...

Yep, I think I can see myself dropping in to see Rose from time to time to see what other lovelies she has in stock.

And, in preparation for moving, I gave away the rest of my fish and took apart my 200L tank. It's really strange to have it sitting there, empty. Yesterday the power went off for a while and I found myself looking over at the tank to see if the power was back on yet - silly, as the tank was completely empty and dry, not plugged into anything anymore. Old habits really are hard to break.

It was a little bit of a sentimental time, dismantling things, as that tank has been up and running (in one capacity or another) here in our living room for the last 8+ years. Some of the fish we gave away were 5+ years old.

What you can't quite see in this picture is all the boxes that are around the living room right now. There are many open boxes in varying states of organization. It drives me a little bonkers to have things taken apart like this - I guess a little piece of me is compulsive, after all. I just want to put it AWAY. So that I can VACUUM. Then everything will be TIDY. Hrm. The things a girl learns about herself when not expecting it.

BTW...I've done some sewing, but have no pictures to show for it. I couldn't sleep in the wee hours of the morning last week and made the boys 8 pair of pajama bottoms...4 pair each. And a pair for myself. Oh, and I finished knitting a pair of socks. Oh, and submitted another assignment for the course I'm (still) working on.
Plus cooking, cleaning, walking with the dogs, playing with my boys...

Whew. I'm glad I wrote that down. Maybe the days aren't just slipping away on me after all!



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Quilt Nut said...

yes you have been busy! all that in only 10days? wow lol!

congrats on the beginning of the house, so exciting! and the store sounds like a fun yet dangerous place to wander lol!