Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

I know, I's a day late...

We were too busy having fun yesterday to do anything like posting!

Nakusp has a terrific Canada Day Celebration commencing with a pancake breakfast by the firefighters (they drive around with the sirens on at 6 am to make sure people are up for some flapjacks...) and ending after 10 pm with a big fireworks display over the lake. We were lucky to have company for our day yesterday...cousins, aunt, uncle and grandparents. Life is good. We're rich with family.

Today started with a house showing (the boys, dogs and I just got out of dodge and went for a walk on the waterfront), then I did a total tear down of my smaller aquarium.
I still have my big (50gal) aquarium upstairs -with only 4 fish left in it!

A few days ago we gave away the last of our fish from the small (downstairs) tank, and today was the first chance I've had to look at taking it apart. It's so sad to see all those components drying - temporary, though. Once we're in a new house we'll set up at least one of the tanks again. I love having the fish.

The weather here is crazy hot, and the town is just hopping with tourists. I think we'll head to the beach a little later. Poor youngest has a new cast (that pesky wrist was fractured after all) and still can't get it wet. At least this time he got a fiberglass cast, so hopefully we won't have have to go up and get a retrofit with this cast as we had to with the last one (we learned that Youngest needs more than a plaster cast to get through his days...).

Happy summer,


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Debra said...

Girl, you did go short! But it looks very Artsy! (and so carefree)