Thursday, July 17, 2008

House progress

We spent part of the weekend and this week at our new land. You can see that the new (to us) camper got pressed into service right away!

It was certainly much more comfortable than sleeping in the tent.

On Monday we got a chance to see them pour the foundation for our house... so exciting!

Those poor fellas are working out in the sweltering heat. They had to work really fast because things were drying so quickly. Oldest and I watched this happen from the shade of the camper, as it was almost impossible for us to stand in the sun for more than a few minutes at a time.

Here's the finished pour:

Probably not all that exciting for you non-family members. Really. It's okay, I understand. I probably wouldn't read about someone else's cement pour...

For those of you are still reading...

We're building with ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms). Very cool, very much like giant Lego.

The fella doing the work said that it's as much fun as Lego for big boys...with rebar...but you don't get to choose your colours, they only make the blocks in white - BUT the kits are REALLY BIG!

The day after they poured the foundation they came back and set up two rows of blocks. Once the two rows are in AND the forms are built for the garage foundation, the cement truck will return and pour into these forms - then we'll be able to put the floor in. And the walls should go up quite quickly from there.

Can you believe it? It's begun in earnest, now.




Vicki W said...

How exciting to be there and watch your house being built every day!

Quilt Nut said...

that is very exciting.

lisetrise said...

What type of ICF are you using? If you had a choice, why did you choose what you did?
There are so many advantages to ICF building!

It must be great fun to finally see it begin in earnest!

Lisa said...

We went with the 8" logix blocks, mostly because they were what our builder prefers.

Although I'll let this linked comment go, another time I would appreciate you writing to ask for permission before linking out on my blog.



Anonymous said...

I loved watching the building of our home....once the concrete is poured.........there is no going back. Enjoy the process....and keep taking pictures....I didn't take any and I wish I would have.

Karen L