Sunday, July 20, 2008

Music Fest Weekend

Some of you may know that this is Music Festival weekend here in Nakusp.

The Festival grounds are quite close to our house, at the end of our block, actually (we're the second house from the corner). For 3 days out of each summer we are utterly surrounded by campers. And I mean completely. This is the high school field behind our house (there are no campers on the upper lawns, as that would wreck the underground sprinkler system). The campground 100ft away is also filled to capacity, as are most driveways, backyards and fields right nearby.

The boys have taken an interesting approach to our proximity and have had an iced tea stand two years in a row now. I love the spot that they set up at, it's within a block of our house and I can easily see them from my kitchen window. This year they not only have iced tea, but homebaked cookies and cool ties. (Cool ties are a tie that you soak in water for 15 minutes, the crystals inside absorb the water, and they help you evaporate off your body heat - we've been a sweat shop *heh* making things for their booth). Here they are between rushes:

And here they are, amazed at their own ability to earn...

Pretty nifty.

And, because I'm a silly dog owner, head-over-heels for my puppy, is a puppy photo.

All hot dogs should have a cool floor to lie on...



Vicki W said...

That's the best dog photo ever!

bitter betty said...

oh man, what cute boys!!! So industrious! I am completely overwhelmed at puppy-life right now...
I can't believe I have a minute to actually try and read some blogs. Maybe If I had a better cool floor?