Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We're home

I thought I'd do a few posts here for catch up... took a few more photos to share with you while we were in Manchester, but was busy enough to not get a chance to post during our last few days.

I only took a few photos at the show itself, of friend's quilts. It was different this year to not have a quilt of my own in the competition and makes me think that I'd like to really focus on getting one done for next year.

The conference itself was really well run. I don't know how Mary and Janet-Lee do it! There are so many little details and changes that happen during the conference itself, there really is no way that they could plan for every eventuality. From what I saw of them, they handled all the unexpected with grace and humour.

I took a couple of pictures in the Armory (one of the show halls) that I wanted to share. The hall shot is taken from the end of one of the rows of quilts. You can see that they are hung really well, and that the lighting shows off the quilting beautifully! There were a couple of special exibitions in this hall, one of which was these amazing paper pieced dog quilts. Unfortunately I can't find where I scribbled down this woman's name - if someone out there remembers, could you send it to me?

There were at least 5 different dog quilts, all with the breed portraits sorted according to type. Imagine how excited I was to find our dog in the Sporting Group, even though she is a Canadian breed, only recently embraced by the AKC? What a lovely portrait...it looks just like our Breezie, as she looked when she was younger.

Beautiful, isn't it?

I've got some more photos to share, but I'll break it up into several different posts.

Hope your day is good,


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