Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We're here!!!

Jodi and I got in to Manchester, New Hampshire around 5:00 local time (our body schedules, still very much on coastal time, thought it was about 2pm...). The flights went well, we had plenty of time to make our connection in Chicago, which is always a concern with the sheer size of that terminal.

The second flight was pretty bumpy toward the end, and Oi! I came close to real, bona fide air sickness! I think my seatmates were ever so happy that I kept my -er- equilibrium...not as relieved as I was, though! Yike. It makes me think I should take some chewable Gravol or something with me for the return journey, just in case.

Yesterday, in Colville, we went to a shop called EZ-knit...a huge repository of quilting fabric, books, magazines, beads, sewing machines and wool. I came across Noro sock yarn, in real life! Of course I had to buy 2 skeins...who can resist that kind of saturated colour? I bought some really wonderful knitting needles that I stashed in Spokane, and some really crummy ones that I thought I could risk having confiscated by the airline. I needn't have been worried, there were no issues at all with bringing my knitting on the plane. I listened to my book and knit on both flights and got a WHOLE LOT of sock knitting done! I'm almost done the leg on this honey and I started it late last night. This sock has sweet mock cables on it. And yummy Noro colour.

We're staying at the Hilton Garden here. The Hilton GARDEN because.....


It has a baseball diamond! There was a big game just after I took this picture (you can see all the fellas out there grooming the field). The photo was taken from the window of our room. We're hoping to catch at least one ball game while we're here.

And did I mention the weather is glorious?

And tomorrow we're looking forward to lots and lots of good MQX vibes. I can hardly wait.


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Quilt Nut said...

gorgeous yarn!

glad you had nice weather-guess you had a shock when you got home eh? lol