Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gifts and surprises...

The boys liked what I brought back for them from MQX...

They love dragons. I mean LOVE dragons.

Most of our daily lives involve long discussions (or monologues) about the specifics of types and habits of dragons.

Did I mention dragons?


Youngest surprised us with an idea this morning. He was ready to part with his long tresses!

Here's what he looked like before we got going.

He was hopeful that we could cut it for charity, but alas, it's too short for that but was driving him crazy. He really couldn't take it being in his eyes anymore.

This is the photo we sent via email to his Dad as a little joke....

And he does SO love hamming it up for the camera.

Convincing, isn't it? You should have heard the laughter!

Final look, pre-sweep.

Happy boy. Mostly happy because we're not letting his dad off the hook to know it's a full head haircut until tomorrow morning.

Daddy never reads the blog. Or does he?


May all your cuts be straight,


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