Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The first of several

I thought I take you through a few smaller posts, rather than do one big marathon post.

I lifted my head to discover it's been 8 days since I last posted! I won't bore you with the details, but I've been quilting a LOT and preparing for our move (no, we don't have a house yet, I'm still in the paring down stages).
Janet graciously granted me permission to share this quilt with you.

It's one that she has designed and made for her son and daughter-in-law, for their first wedding anniversary. She used fabrics and motifs of tremendous significance to them, and had to design it partly around the availability of fabrics. She only had limited amounts of several of the fabrics in this quilt and had to make the best of it....I think she did, don't you?

She had lovely, clear ideas of what she wanted from the quilting.
The braided cable in the blue bands was done with a minimum of marking (a chalk centre line) and the Sew Clear Wave ruler from Willow Leaf Studio. Those of you who were at MQX this year would have seen us demonstrating this (among others) - and yes, it was as easy as it looked! I used the larger (9") wave as the base for this braided cable.

The Celtic knot that Janet hand appliqued is a replica of the one on the couple's wedding bands.
Beautiful and elegant, it makes the perfect focal point for this striking, original quilt.

Happy stitching!


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Suzanne Earley said...

That is really lovely!