Monday, October 29, 2007

Blossom girl sepia wash...

Pardon the oddball angle, but with this on the table it's hard to get a good shot of her. I've been doing the sepia toned wash today, and you can see that I'm setting up some shadow areas in the drapery of her dress. Just a sense of where the shadows will fall, nothing too definitive just yet.

I love this stage (do I say that at every stage?) as the image really does grow and change from minute to minute.

I'm looking forward to working on it more after supper. The sepia is not done yet.

Don'tcha just love how the contrast just brings the image into 3 dimensions? I think I'll cutaway trapunto or false trapunto the figure and maybe the roses, too. We'll see.

Happy Monday,


*edited to add - the funny line shadows that are in the left of the photo are actually shadowing coming through the muslin from the big ironing pad that I have underneath the piece (It's a big machine quilting practice sandwich. Multiuse). On the right, the big shadow is the iron. I tend to work really hot and dry (fabric, that is) for the detail stuff, and a little more loosely in the larger areas. If you've ever used these inks you know that they want to BLEED. Any time there is a hard line I've really heated things up so that the ink is drying almost as it's applied.*


Vicki W said...

Great tip about heating the fabric before painting. Do you water down your inks or always use them full strength?

Lisa said...

Typically I use them full strength. If I water them down then they DO bleed like crazy. If I want them to blend I tend to put them in a little on the dry side, take a stiff brush with plain water on it and 'scrub' it in the direction I want it to go. Or put water in the area I want it to go in, then drop in a little dye along the edge of the 'puddle' (with the iron and a paper towel handy. The dye will creep out into the water with the darkest area being where I dropped the dye in. A little finicky, but a handy thing to have in your toolbox.

arlee said...

Great paint tips--i'll have to try with my fabric paints as well. Thanks!