Saturday, October 27, 2007

60's knitting patterns

So. I've been leafing through these knitting books, thinking about what I might like to make, what would be fun to wear. I come across something like this and think, "yeah. I could wear that."And when I look at the next book cover I think, "maybe in different colours, but I CERTAINLY could wear that!"
Then I turn the page and think, "What the? Did people ever ACTUALLY wear things like this?" Then I remember the '80's. And the things I wore. And the things I WISHED that I'd worn. And it all starts to be a little more believable.

But this? Oh. My. Goodness.
A garment like this would cause SERIOUS marital stress. Not only that I would consider making this for my fella, but that I might expect him to wear it?!?!! - Oh, please note, the socks are only stripes...these leggings have footsies. How - uh - inventive? Like long johns for Robin Hood. Note the 'ready for anything' posture.

I think I'm going to pretend I AM going to make these for my fella, and see how long it takes him to catch on...



Quilt Pixie said...

frightening what was a "great idea" -- I remember that idea of men's wear being thought of as "great" for skiing... ewwwww

Vicki W said...

Oh that last one is absolutely Threadbared worthy!