Friday, September 28, 2007

Oh NooooooOOO!

Can you see it? The end?

I swear I knit far faster when I think I'm starting to run out of wool.

I get to try on my 'dye lot' skills you think that I can dye the next skein to knit up in the same stripes? Could Superwoman?


At least this gives me time to contemplate a name for this wool colourway. What do you think...Watermelon? Or Grinch?

And it gives me time to contemplate what I'll do with the remaining wool after I'm done. A third sock would probably use up exactly the remaining wool. Then instead of a pair, I'd have a 'thrair'. That would be handy if I ever lost a sock.

I should probably knit mittens in 'thrairs'. At least for the boys.

In the meantime, I'll just work, I guess, and go downtown later to see if they have any of this particular wool still, and to the grocery store to see if they have the same Kool Aid available.

Happy stitching,


Vicki W said...

Damn! Hate it when that happens on a project! Just wait and see, the blue Kool-Aid will probably be blue this time. As for naming - I love "Grinch" because it's my favorite Christmas show.

ROZ said...

Well, when you are knitting stripes, changes in dye lot are not noticable, especially as the foot is covered by a shoe! Same thing happened to me right now, I had to order more yarn to finish the second sleeve of a sweater I'm knitting. It hasn't arrived as of yet, so I started on a sock. And I have a white cardigan I've been knitting (or is it not knitting) for a year and a half.

Quilt Pixie said...

I'd be tempted to take the foot out of the first sock and make both feet out of new/different stuff.... Given the hassel I think the name of the dye pattern should be grinch though! :-)

Tamera said...

Oh my goodness! Weren't you just vexed when you figured out that you wouldn't have enough?

Good luck on dying the new batch!

I also LOVE the name Grinch for the name, LOL.

Lisa C. said...

Hi, Lisa.
The package arrived today. Thanks so much. My DD (who is 7) is upstairs coloring the cards with her colored pencils.

It is fun to read your sewing & knitting adventures.

Lisa C.

Quilt Nut said...

the socks look great. i did the same thing while quilting the other day. i knew the bobbin was getting empty so i sped up hoping i could finish my row anyway lol!

good luck with the next dye batch