Monday, September 24, 2007

the continuing silk saga...

Not a great photo, I'm afraid. My camera batteries frapped out when I went to take some pics...something I've not had to think about with this new camera (it's a Canon and I love it). So, batteries are charging as I write and I'll update more later.

As you can see with the newer scarves I've used much heavier colour. I hardly diluted anything! I'm hoping that the colours will be more intense, but not dull the way they are right now. I'm looking forward to that wonderful silk luminescence. See the salt on the red one? It's not doing a lick of good. I waited too long, the Dye-na-Flow was too dry...but too wet for me to get the darn salt off again. I haven't used salt since my watercolour days, but thought I'd try it after a comment left on one of the previous entries. I'll give it another go with something a little more wet, later in the game.

Back to stitching while the paint is drying!


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