Monday, September 10, 2007

Saddle Mountain Hike, installment 3...

Going up through the rock bluffs is something a girl needs to pay attention to. This is the point at which I put the camera away for a while!

There are many parts here where we use our hands almost as much as our feet, and have to watch that we step on to areas that are stable.

The tremendous reward of this is getting up to the top of the bluffs...up to the point where the two peaks diverge. Last year this part of the journey brought me to tears. Living below this mountain for so long had given me no sense at all of the scale of it...I had originally thought that these peaks were very close together and similar in size....not so. Not by a long shot. This photo was taken looking back to the south, away from town.

This next photo is of THE OTHER SIDE of the mountain, looking west. Last year when we went on this hike, it was a cloudy, bit of a blustery day...this valley was completely filled with cloud. Yesterday was the first time I saw this view. Yes, it brought me to tears, and I don't think it was the low oxygen, either (wink!).

One more shot down at the lake where we crossed on the ferry...last one, I promise! The land that I mention fondly as 'camp' is down there, to the right (south) a little, and on the other side of the lake from the large sand bar.

We made it! Time to look around a little, have some lunch, and drink in the view.


More to come,


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