Saturday, June 09, 2007

My first class!

I'm so excited. I'm taking an online class through Joggles by Sue Bleiweiss on mixed media surfaces... this is my first run at a project. I didn't have all the right stuff (I signed up so late that there was no physical way my materials could have gotten here in time).

Not one who is easily put off, I tried lesson one with what I have on hand. What better way to compare products?- thought I! I have Steam-A-Seam, but no Misty-Fuse (yet)...not the recommended paints yet, either. Tissue and muslin , however, I have in abundance.
I used red tissue for my first layer, then yellow, then thought I'd play a little with the paint angle. This was not as successful as I'd hoped, mostly because I don't think I applied enough of the crackle medium. I did crackle medium on top of the yellow (which was cool, 'cause it made my red tissue show better), then silver on top of the crackle medium...I was hoping it'd crackle. It didn't. It looked a bit cool anyway, so I didn't scrap it, just went for more paint! I added another dry brushed layer of red, and liked the look much better.

Sadly, Blogger is not communicating with my computer I can't show you the photos of my two projects made from the final surface.

First, I needed somewhere to keep my notes (and can't wait to make the course project that is for that - there is one, but I'll need to wait for my materials to arrive in the mail!). I used some vinyl that I've had around here for a while, making envelopes the size of an 8 1/2" X 11" sheet and enclosing 8" X 10 1/2" pieces of the final surface in each. Then I punched holes in the one edge and, using some brass split pins, put the notes in between the two final covers. I'll post a picture one of these days, when blogger deems it possible.
I also made a little ATC using one of the feathers in my house left by our cats' most recent playtime. Why do they always insist on coming in? It takes forever to vacuum the feathers all up. Ah. Well. At least I got to make a little homage to the bird.

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