Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More fun with fibre - 2

Finally got to this project yesterday. I'm usually very good at documenting my progress, but this one was an exception. I didn't take any process photos at all - I got too caught up in DOING it. I think the last time I looked up at the clock last night it was 1:30!

Here's the finished book. This one was (much like the other projects so far) a lot of fun, and I found it totally absorbing. One of the things I like about this fusing method is that I don't have to wait around for things to dry... I'm still working on my torn paper piece from yesterday; today I laminated a bunch of flower petals to it with gel medium and that's still drying. (That's the one I'll use to make covers for my surfaces sample book.)

I love the texture of this final piece. It's done using old pattern tissue...about 3 layers on fabric. I used some of my tea-dyed muslin as a base layer, and love the warm patina that had. I also brushed on some warm brown Tsukineko ink after the tissue was laminated (before the fracturing), and sprinkled it with some copper Radiant Rain paint.

The wool felt for the outside cover is red, for the inside covers is a couple of layers of black that I had gathering dust here. The thread is a variegated King Tut cotton (a giveaway I brought back from MQX).

There are 5 signatures inside instead of 3, and I made them out of sketchbook paper rather than card stock. They're not as thick as they would have been, but I like the weight of this paper for drawing.

The inside front cover has spots for pens or pencils, and the back inside cover has room for paper, receipts, etc, and a special pocket that's the right size for ATC blanks.

Because of the extra signatures, I had some extra threads to tie off...I used two buttons that were here in my buttonbox. Also the thimble button was mounted on the front so that I can loop the book shut if need be. (I may add another one of these at the same distance from the bottom as this one is from the top.)

I like the weight of this book and how it's something like a hardcover book in heft and size, but soft with the wool felt and flexible laminated/fractured tissue. It's solid enough that I could sit with it on my lap and write in it without having to have a hard surface underneath, but it's soft enough to feel really nice in my hand.

The finished page size is 8"x 5", a little smaller than the hardcover books I made in April (though thicker. Those books have a 3/4" spine, this one is close to 1 1/2"). Because the cover is soft and there is still a lot of room inside this book, I could mount a lot of different things on the pages...photos, drawings, tape things in, etc. This has the potential to be a really great catch-all sketchbook and journal.

One of the recommendations for this book was to add a final surface of tulle to the outer cover- I just couldn't do it. I know it would probably extend the life of the cover, but after feeling the buttery suede-like texture it has now, I just couldn't make the leap to the slippery-nylon feel that the tulle has. I'll just have to try that method on something else.

I've got a quilt on the machine...and that gel medium is still drying on the laminated flower petals. Back to work!



Quilt Nut said...

you have been busy! it looks great

Vicki W said...

Your book turned out great! I may get back to mine tonight or tomorrow - I finally got my felt yesterday. I really like the pockets that you put in yours and may give that a try!

Marsaili said...

That is really cool, I've never seen anything like that!