Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lesson 2 completed

These are my results from lesson 2 in the Mixed Media Surfaces class I'm taking right now.
I'm really happy with this surface. It's hard to see in the photos how 3 dimensional and layered this surface is. It's based on wool felt, uses hand painted cheesecloth, torn paper (I used an article about forgeries from an old Biblio magazine), soy silk and misc. fibres. I did opt to cover the whole works with tulle this time (not like the last project) and am really happy with the result.

*just so you know, all the photos can be clicked on for a larger version*

The box construction, while quite straightforward, was quite time consuming. The gluing took quite some time. I was worried at one point that the glue would not set for the shelf supports, that I'd be looking at a collapsing interior! I re-glued and pinned everything in place overnight (okay, half the night. I got to bed around 2) - lo and behold - it set!

I found all the zig-zag stitching around each piece to be somewhat tedious, but am really happy with the result. Used a trilobal embroidery polyester for the stitching, and the lustre of the thread picks up the gold stamping I did on the paper parts of the surface. Should have bought shares in Fray-Check, though! This thread doesn't tie off well, so I've glued it to keep it from unraveling.

After all that talk about glue it should be mentioned that the only part of this box that is glued is the shelf support structure. The rest is all sewn. It's a fibre extravaganza!

All in all, it would make a great hand sewing box for my end table upstairs, or a lovely little jewelry box. The box is a 5" cube, and each of the drawers are 1" deep. It won't fit anything too big, or too heavy, but is solid enough to have some actual functional use.

The remaining surface would be great used in a book cover.

I haven't been doing many 'quilt-y' posts lately, but rest assured, I'm quilting like crazy here. There is a lot to get done, and many deadlines to meet (or miss !) with school coming rapidly to an end.
I've been doing enough since I've been home from Grand Forks that all my hand muscles are sore! This is the first time I've had that happen. - Just think how big and strong and muscle-y my hands will be if I can keep up this pace! I've done 3 quilts this week so far (including binding on all and construction on one) and am hoping to get one more done by the weekend. Sleep is for sissies, anyway.

So, as far as the class goes, I've managed to keep up. (I figure any time after midnight is mine) I won't be doing the first project in this next week's assignments as I was unable to get some of the supplies. Will do the second, though (a concertina book), and hopefully within the time frame available. We'll see. Once the kids are out of school they start swimming lessons, then soccer camp, then we get to see the cousins! Summer promises to be fun and full of activity for our family.

I guess it's time to get back to the quilts.

All the best to you on this sunny, sunny day!



Vicki W said...

Love it! Your texture sheet is really nice and I live the lining fabric. You are right about the stitching - FOREVER! LOL! I only have the drawers left on mine but should have it done tonight. I made mine for my 11 yo niece so it's very girlie and pink.

Sue B said...

Lisa it looks fantastic and I love what you used for the ining fabric. Nicely done!

Debra Spincic said...

That's the problem with those kinds of project--they get to be so tedious. You could probably make a quilt in the time it takes for some of them!

swooze said...

Neat project! Thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

great job! love the color too!