Saturday, June 09, 2007

Missing photos from a post ago...

Well. let's try this again.

Here are my first two samples. The vinyl is really hard to gives so much glare.

It's seems wrong somehow to work so hard to create this interesting texture only to encase it in plastic...but it kind of lends a 'grandma's couch' aspect to the whole thing. Y'know, you can sit on it, but you can't touch the fabric.

My kids were both very intrigued by this, and boy-handled both pieces quite a bit (and the wipe-off surface was a bonus, there, too!).

The photo at left is not totally accurate, as the textured surface completely fills the vinyl encasement, even to that right hand edge. The glare is such that it looks as though it's not totally filling the space. Also, If I remake the notebook cover, I'll make the textured surface 8 1/2" X 11" and the vinyl encasement a half inch bigger all 'round. It'll cover my note paper better.

I'm looking forward to the bound book project, and have special tissue set aside just for that.

The ATC came out well, all things considered. I've been wanting to enclose objects for a while, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. I like that the surface is both hidden from and revealed to touch, and that the feather is completely enclosed. I'll probably add some red/orange/yellow beads to the thread.

Unfortunately the great vinyl vs. fabric/tissue texture will be lost in the card sleeves.

Hope you find some time to play today.



Vicki W said...

Great projects! I'm so glad you are in class with me. I started my projects last night and made 3 sheets. I will try to get a book done today. I've already had to order more fusible webbing.

arlee said...

I know that vinyl is probably the requirement for the course, but why don't you experiment and try saran wrap or clear cello for other pieces that are important to you? No harm in stretching out a bit! I like the colours very much!

Lisa said...

The vinyl is not a class requirement - just what I happened to have on hand! I do like your cello and saran ideas, though...hmm. More to play with...

Quilt Nut said...

very cool Lisa