Friday, June 22, 2007

Meant to post this the other day

I did this one the other day when I posted last about sun printing. This one was originally painted with yellow Dye-na-flow and heat set. It was then repainted with the cerulean blue Dye-na-flow and placed out in the sun with all the pairs of scissors on it.

The detail showing in this one is even greater than the other, right down to the texture of feathers on my stork scissors.

I'm starting to think it would be really cool to make up a wall quilt of small squares sun printed with different sewing-room tool themed fabrics...can you imagine seam rippers and pins, needles, beads (I bet glass beads would be really cool; small and large), wooden and plastic spools, lace and get the idea.
Still working on customer quilts (and taking Advil for my sore hands). - But look out the window! Summer is here!



Vicki W said...

I also found it interesting in my sun prints that the detail of what was laying on the piece also showed in the final fabric. I don't think I understand how that works at all! I love the effect of the two different colors. Can't wait to see the sewing notions quilt!

Debra Spincic said...

Very cool idea! If you make extras I would be interested in them too!

Vicki W said...

Tag You're it! I am tagging you to post seven random facts about yourself on your blog, and then tag seven other people. Have fun – or ignore it – your choice!

Carla B said...

Hello, I found your site by linking from Vickie's blog. Wonderful work, I especially love your box on the last post.
Nice sun printing, too