Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We're heeere!

We made it - and so did all of our luggage! Whoohoo!

I'm not too sure about the whole time change thing, though, it's already 6:30 here, and my internal clock says I should be picking up the kids from school.

We did get a (gasp!) 4:30 wakeup call in Spokane so that we could be ready for the airport shuttle bus (look, Pa, I got up and was dressed in time to catch our 6:30 flight).

Whew. Now that we're a little freshened up we'll head out for supper.

Post again later

(BTW Swooze...I'll be thinking about that tag! I've got a few in mind already...)


(later edit* - We had a lovely dinner...finally got the opportunity to meet Gwen and Aline from the CMQA (Canadian Machine Quilter's Association).
Oh, and I got asked for i.d. when I ordered a beer- what a hoot! The last time I was carded was at my 10 year high school reunion...I was born in 1970...you do the math!)


Quilt Nut said...

you got ID? woo hoo lol

Lisa said...

It was more flattering before I realized that drinking age there is 21 - us BC'ers can drink when we're 19...
Ah, well - still a blast! Needless to say, Jamie became my favorite waiter!