Wednesday, April 11, 2007

MQX first night

Ah! Here we are after our first night of MQX...just the 'preview' night, only 2 hours of actually (wo)manning the booth (which was wonderfully busy - thank you to everyone who took the time to stop by and see what we're doing for the show!).

We spent the early part of our day picking up the last few things we needed and discovered that this town (or at least the parts of it that we were shopping in) are NOT made for walking. The upside to that was that we met some really great cab drivers.

You should know that most of the photos I've taken so far are of wallpaper...yes, I am crazy...but in love with repetitive geometric pattern...and the colour combinations in our room are so restful and multi-neutral.

Jodi was a genius booth designer.We put the booth up in less than two hours (all told. In all honesty 2 hours is her estimate. I think it took less than one.We could only start setting up after 3:00 as we only had 2 out of 3 walls until then, and were open to the public by 6:00 and ate, looked at most of the other vendors and some of the quilts before then). Here's Jodi and the booth during set up:

The Raddisson has been a really great place to be - and the ladies who organized this have done an amazing job. Everything from our end (as vendors) have gone off without a hitch. The restaurant in the hotel got into the spirit of things with their drink specials last night. I'm really glad I took pictures of the cards then because they were not there at all tonight!

My only disappointment so far is that I missed my class this morning. Completely. And it was the only one I signed up for. The just lag or just plain confusion got in my way, but I missed it - by the time I realized I was late, it was over. Wah! Maybe, if there are quiet times tomorrow, I'll volunteer to be a teacher's angel and get to learn something new.

Oh! Better go to bed! The show is open 10 hours tomorrow and it's 12:30 local time!


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