Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bag lady blues

This is my all time favorite bag.

Sadly, after 2+ years of faithful, daily service, it is wearing out (and truth be told, I'm outgrowing it a bit, too - sniff!).

It is by far the most successful bag I've ever made function and comfort-wise, and as I'm a rather small person, in proportion to my frame - these huge bags that are all the rage right now make me look like a toddler waiting with her mother's luggage!

I've got to make a new one - preferably before we go away on (taking my Mother's advice) I'm recording the redesign process.

Things I like about my bag:

  1. Size. It fits my frame well and is very comfortable to wear.
  2. the adjustable length strap in front - this is partly what makes it so functional: I can lengthen the strap to fit over my winter coat, or shorten it in the summer time.
  3. Colour! Believe it or not, it goes with almost all my jackets/sweaters - it's not too vocal, but colourful enough that I still love it after all this daily use.
  4. The little pockets that are just the right size for my spare batteries, pencil, keys, etc. They were made specifically for those functions and should be included in the new version
  5. Separate zipper(larger) area and smaller button closure area. Keeps me somewhat(!) organized.
Things that need to change:
  1. Size. Much as I love how big it is, I need to make it bigger...there's just too much to carry around these days! Sure it was great when all I needed was my wallet, keys and sketchbook...but now I'm carrying my camera, glasses case, etc. I think I can add more width without becoming dwarfed by it. - It would be nice to pick up the mail without needing to take a separate bag.
  2. It needs a flat bottom. (This will probably help solve the space dilemma) I can't set it down without it falling over.
  3. Needs more specialized pockets (at very least an external one for my MP3 player), and the pencil pockets need to be deeper.
  4. Fresh colours. I love these fabrics - they've served me well, but it's time for a change!!
The size dilemma can be solved in a couple of ways. I think adding a couple more inches to the width and a 'D' shaped bottom will help (imagine the flat of the D against the lower back so that most of the fullness is out from the body). Maybe I'll change where the angle begins to run up toward the strap...making the largest width deeper.
Food for thought, anyway. I'll try to get a chance to work on this a little later.

Hope you're finding time for stitching!


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