Friday, April 13, 2007

Day 3 - MQX

Busy, busy, busy.

I got to meet many more people today...some I've corresponded with off and on over the years, others I just admired or deeply appreciated the work of. I got to meet Nicole Webb this evening which was a lot of fun, Nancy Goldsworthy (I love her book, every quilter should have a copy),Jessica Schick, Celine Spader, Lisa Calle, oh, and so many more. I love meeting everyone - what a total treat.

Tonight was the banquet - Jodi sponsored the keynote speaker (which was amazing), Robbi Joy Ecklow. She was hysterical! We were almost crying we were laughing so hard. On a more serious note, it was truly a treat to see her quilts.

Speaking of quilts, I got a chance to get around and see my own quilt hanging (and take pictures of it in the show) and the 100,000 dollar quilt challenge quilts, and the Ricki Tims exhibit, The Art Quilt - these were truly extraordinary.

I'd love to be more coherent, but it's just too late here. I'm sure there is much I'm forgetting to include.

BTW, I talked to Youngest Son and DH tonight - man, I miss my family. I had a few little tears of missing them tonight. One more busy day tomorrow, then homeward bound on Sunday (well, we'll fly Sunday, then I'll get home sometime on Monday).

Please, if you're at the show, come and see me before it's all over. I'd love to meet you. This might be the only opportunity we have for a while! Chances are I'll be in the booth, but I might try to take a class tomorrow if there are any openings in any of the remaining classes - just so I can say I took a class at MQX! (Well, and so that I can learn is possible...I can learn.)


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Quilt Nut said...

i guess its welcome home now lol. sounds like you had a fabulous time-i can't wait to go next year!