Sunday, April 22, 2007

Saying goodbye

Yesterday we said goodbye to our friend, Tim. It's hard to say goodbye to someone the same age - with kids the same age. Funerals for young people are so tough. Friends and family spend so much time trying to make sense of it all, to take away lessons, to interpret things within the context of their own belief. One of the things that was abundantly clear yesterday is that Tim's extended family and community are incredibly diverse. It says a lot about him that he would be comfortable with people from so many different walks of life. The main theme that I heard emerging over and over again is that of the need to seize life by the not wait, to dream big and reach far. Knowing Tim, it's very fitting.

On a completely different topic, Swooze tagged me about 2 weeks ago (I know nothing about tagging - and hope that I haven't let this go too long) and asked me to list my 5 most inspirational blogs/sites. I had a peek at her list and was tremendously flattered to find that my little blog was on it! (Thanks!)
I've had a few chances to think about this, and this is what I came up with. In no particular order:

Whipup - This is a collaborative weblog that covers all kinds of crafty topics. This group does everything from quilting to bookbinding. I see today there is a papermaking tutorial. Things here tend to be fresh and contemporary twists on classic art and craft skills. If I've got the creative blahs, this is one of the places I look for an infusion of energy.

Illustration Friday - A blog run by Penelope Dullaghan and Brianna Privett. These ladies put together a challenge each week - a one word topic that anyone (professionals, amatures, children) can interpret and illustrate. There are always really good twists on the weekly word, and it can be done in any (and I mean ANY) media. This week's topic is 'fortune'. I've been good and haven't cruised some of the other illustrations yet. I'm still formulating my own. Anyone can post their illo. I like to do the brainstorming part with my kids. They do their own drawings and always have fresh perspectives on things - and it's a great opportunity for us to explore this rich language.

Vicki Welsh - Field Trips in Fiber- I got hooked on Vicki's blog when she was doing a tea dying class through Quilt University. She's got a passion for fibre and explores all kinds of wonderful things. She also posted how she makes her own more thing I'll have to try at some point. (Hi, Vicki...great to meet you at MQX!!)

Debra Spincic - Debra's Design Studio - I first came across Debra's blog when I was looking at the Quilt Studio blog ring, of which she is the Ring Queen. Debra does wonderful things with crazy quilting and embroidery that I'll only every dream of doing.

Beth Ferrier - Applewood Quilts - I've loved Beth Ferrier's work for years and was really excited to discover that she had a blog. Always trying new things, she is just going through designing a fabric line for P&B textiles...and blogging about it. Thanks, Beth! She teaches, she writes, she designs patterns and her blog is always entertaining.

That was five, wasn't it? But I have more - wait, here:

In a minute ago - This is the one that really started it all. This is where I started to get hooked on looking each day to see if there were new contributions, where a lot of my inspiration comes from. There are often wonderful articles about stitching, but also about philosophy of stitchers, our place in community, different contexts through time...all in all, a really well written, thoughtful blog.

Blue Sky Studios
- This is the first illustration challenge blog that I got interested in. The guys and gals have moved from a weekly to a biweekly challenge as they're working on a new film right now. Always great to see what the artists will come up with. Unlike Illustration Friday, this is not an open blog.

Oh, and I often check in on Rhonda, and her Mom, and Swooze and many of the Quilt Mavericks. I haven't even started on knitting blogs yet....

And just one last thing - tell someone you care today. Don't leave things unsettled after an argument. Seize the day.



Vicki W said...

Lisa, I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. So many things these days are just hard to understand.

I'm very flattered that you recognized my blog! Thanks!

Debra Spincic said...

Saying good-bye is never easy--we are never really ready to let anyone we love go. Try to be gentle with yourself for awhile-grief will come at odd times.

(And, really? my blog?)

Quilt Nut said...

great blog list Lisa. gave me some new ones to look at