Thursday, April 12, 2007

Day 2 -MQX

Well, it's our second day here in Manchester, and it did snow. Not a lot, but enough to make things interesting! We opted to walk back to our hotel just to get the circulation going in our legs after standing all day (today was our longest at 10 hours, the rest of the show will be shorter days)...I had bought new shoes yesterday, and they're sitting over on the heater right now drying out.

What a great day. Thanks so much to everyone who came by to say hi! It's been pretty great to finally put faces to names. I briefly got to meet Vicki yesterday, and hope she gets a chance to drop by again. I also got a few minutes to talk with Suzanne Earley over in the A-1 booth and got a chance to look at her new book. Great designs, lots of ideas!

I am surprised by the sheer numbers of Canadians that have made the trip down. There are so many people from Ontario and Nova Scotia...we're the only BC-ers so far, though.
It's wonderful to hear all the accents. This show has really brought people from all across the continent together - we get to hear all the different colloquial pronunciations, being in the booth. People from everywhere are here at this show. I had one fella from NY ask if mine was an 'authentic 'eh'' - I didn't even realize I was saying it, but I must've, eh? It's funny, but being among all the different US accents has made me very self conscious about my Canadian one. I don't hear it, but I know everyone else does.

A bit more paperwork tonight yet, and dinner is on it's way up to the room here. I've got my feet up, looking forward to a good night's sleep.

See you in the morning, eh?



Vicki W said...

Oh - I stopped by! Left some $$ behind too! You sold me on those heart templates and the little curve ruler. Jodi conviced me that I also needed the rope templates. Today is a no buy day - LOL! yeah, right - but I'll stop by to say hello again when you are there,

Suzanne Earley said...

It was wonderful to meet you, too, Lisa!

Isn't it funny how things you take for granted become so much more obvious when you are around others from a different background? (And yes, I noticed the "eh" -- but wouldn't have pointed it out....LOL)

My roommate is from Australia, and I keep finding myself slipping in a few things that sound like her. Last night I actually had a dream that I had picked up an Aussie accent and was talking like her all the time.