Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Yardage done!

The weather was perfect! I'm glad I did this earlier, because it's getting cloudy out there now.

I did another 2 pieces, both 1 1/2 M in length. These were done the same way as the ones from yesterday (wet-in-wet, on plastic, watered down Dye-Na-Flow, dropped on the fabric from a paintbrush, ferns placed on top of the wrinkly fabric).

Today's batch was really successful technique-wise - I'm really happy with the colour separation in the fabric, and with the sunprinting. I didn't know that the different colours would react differently under the ferns (there are two detail shots included here that you can click on for a larger version) some cases it looks like the fabric was underdyed in one colour, then overdyed and sunprinted with another...not so! All the colours were applied in one go (from lightest to darkest), and all left out in the sun at the same time.

Cool. I love happy accidents!

The sickly yellow colour was inspired by the look of the ferns on the red fabric yesterday...I loved the colour tension between the insipid green and the red...and tried to get that colour in the 'cool' fabric today.

Soooo...the final colours are one red, one orange, one greenish-blue, one purple-y blue.

I've done a couple of different runs at the math part, and think I'm ready to cut into this fabric now.

After I finish the quilt that's on the machine.

Happy stitching!



Quilt Nut said...

i would never guess that those were muslin pieces! the colors are so rich and striking

Quilt Pixie said...

what a different effect using the same technique! How cool. The fabric turned out wonderfully rich, even the "insipid" colours :-) so you should have lots of great pieces to play with for inspiration...

Vicki W said...


Debra Spincic said...

Is this cool or what? I should get out in the sun more. . .