Friday, August 10, 2007

More fun with 'saved' fabric

I had a little time this morning while expecting a customer, so I popped the 'saved' fabric from the other day on to the machine and got going.

I love doing these little pieces. They go on and off the machine so quickly, it makes for a very nice completion rush!

I started out with yellow thread, just stitching around the shapes and adding some pebbly bits for texture..

Next a light celery green thread, more shapes, more pebbly bits, plus a few 'ghost' flowers for interest's sake.
Last of all I did some darker green thread. I'd thought originally that my darkest colour on this would be a deep purple pushed into the darkest shadows for some colour tension, but it didn't really need it in the end. The darkest green was sufficient. Any purples that I auditioned looked almost black on the fabric surface, so I nixed that in a hurry.

The final shot here is of the fabric before taking it off the machine. You can see where I used the darkest green to stitch a vertical line...that's my cutting line. I want to use part of the fabric to make a journal cover with a flap. The flap will have an uneven edge, so a cutting line is stitched for that, too (top left hand corner), to make sure that it will be a nice marriage between the cut edge and the fabric motifs.

There. Whew.

Now, the next fun bit, making the book!



Vicki W said...

Lisa, it looks fantastic. I have several fat quarter pieces of dyed and printed fabrics - why didn't I think of something like this to use them up? Great practice and fun projects. I'll have to remember this one!

Quilt Pixie said...

it looks great! I'm assuming from the needle in the picture this is a long arm you're quilting on? Doesn't look like my domestic machine that's for sure...

Lisa said...

Thanks! I'm glad that you like it too!

QuiltPixie: it is my longarm machine foot you can see. I have an APQS Millennium and installed the new version of the foot on it last Sept. Well worth it!

arlee said...

Gorgeous! And i love your attitude, which i share, of making something useable from what you already have, without forcing it. Of course, the fabric shops would go out of business....but :}

EileenKNY said...

How long did it take you? It's beautiful and unique. I hope you hang it where your customers can see it.

Lisa said...


It was tons of fun to do...each step only took a few minutes, but it took all day to do because I kept quilting in between steps, while it was drying. It's only the size of a FQ. Now I want to do something with the bit that's left over.