Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend gone already

First, the big news:
Last night we finally did it, cut Oldest's hair. He's not all that pleased with it, but probably will get used to it over the next while...we hope.

On a totally different topic, our garden has been growing like crazy!

The boys helped me seed it this year, and have quite a bit of pride in how it has all grown. We just put in a little one, other years I have planted more than I could maintain...and have slowly learned my lesson.

The first photo is included here partly to show how darn tall our sunflowers are...the tallest one must be over 10 feet, now. I think the boys will want to enter it in the Fall Fair.

The other exciting development is that our pumpkin has three good-sized pumpkins on it! This is the one Oldest has taken to referring to as his 'prize pumpkin'. He wants to enter it in the fair, too.

The pumpkin plant was a volunteer...and has voluntarily taken over most of the garden!

We also have some very yummy beets and carrots. I'd been planning pizza for dinner (the dough is rising as I write!) but after some time pulling beets and carrots, we'll be having a veg side dish, for sure.

What pride, eh?

And here is one of the small sunflowers:

Grow where you are planted.



Debra Spincic said...

I was wondering how long the hair was going to grow! How about a new picture? My one son did all kinds of stuff to his hair. My philosophy was always, "It's just hair. It will grow!"

Do you know Allie (Allie in Stitches)? Her husband is a real prize winning pumpkin grower. He needed a tractor to move his last pumpkin (I believe),

Lisa said...

The funny thing is, those are the new pictures! We took 8" off his hair and it's still shoulder length!

I'll have to write Allie and see if she has any tips and tricks in the pumpkin department...Oldest would like that!


Joanna said...

Wow your garden is glorious! We just bought a new place 2 months ago and I missed out on the spring planting season but next year, oh yeah ... bring it on lol! My kids really want to do sunflowers - I can't believe how tall yours are! And I'd love to do pumpkins and/or squash - I have an awesome pumpkin soup recipe and it would be so nice to make it from home-grown ones!

So thank you for the inspiration!

That's funny about the hair - I, too, thought it was a before pic lol!