Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Evening at camp

DH is coming to the end of his vacation time. While he's been off work, he's had the boys camping with him down at our family land that we call, simply, 'camp'. Aside from the few days last week that I spent down there with them while we had no electricity, I've been working here at home, going down to join them for a few hours each evening, then returning home to get a few more hours in at the machine.

The last few nights, we've been playing rummy down on the waterfront...note all the stones keeping the cards from blowing away...and the look of utter disbelief on Youngest's face as Dad is counting the score...and the absolute lack of cards down in front of my spot at the table...whew, did I lose tonight.

DH observed the other day that the beach is slowly migrating, one pretty rock at a time, up onto the waterfront deck he built this summer.

Not so handy when it comes to needing to move your chair over, but great when you need more beautiful weights to hold down the cards!

Happy Wednesday,


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