Thursday, August 30, 2007

Gratuitous photo post

Last weekend we spent a few days in the small city of Nelson ( pop. 10,000) that will soon be our home. Part of our time was spent in the amazing Lakeside Park on Kootenay Lake.

There are several art installations in the park, two of the sculptures are right near the playground area, near the public beach, near the Big Orange Bridge.

The boys and I spent some time exploring while DH was meeting his new staff (!).

The sculpture at right (with Oldest) and at left (from my diminuitive point of view) is called "Young Giant", the one below is "The Secret".

"The Secret" inspired Oldest to write a poem of the same name - we currently have it posted in the dining room, next to my cherub quilt.

Things are starting to move forward with our big change. The house is on the market, even though the new roof will not be on until the end of October.

The new windows should arrive any time now, and they'll need to be installed before we can go.

I've been doing all the misc. meeting with accountants, etc., that goes with my move toward selling the business...and the machine. That's got to have been the single hardest thing about all these changes - selling that big 'ol Milli.

I will be buying a smaller machine for my own use and continued fibre exploration - and panto design ('cause I just love it), but will not be taking quilts for customers in the new year. I've got plenty of work to do before then, though, as I'll be finishing this years commitments before selling the shop.

On a totally different tack, the boys have been working on entering a photo contest, trying to win a digital video camera. They make little stop motion animation movies using the regular camera and an editing program, as well as short films using the video capeabilities of our regular camera. They edit them on the computer, adding titling, soundtracks and credit rolls... and are very motivated to enter this contest - hopefully to win!

Yesterday they got Youngest all in costume and makeup and outside for a photo shoot. They did all of this...I can't take any credit (or blame)! In their favour, they didn't leave the bathroom covered in facepaint (as they often do).

Oldest took about 20 photos. This is the one they want to enter:

I don't know why they think that a clown on a cell phone is hysterically funny, but they do. They laughed their heads off over it!

Even if they don't win the contest they will have had a great afternoon together. DH and I often thank our lucky stars that our boys are such good friends with shared interests. I know a lot of kids are so bored that they're ready to go back to school and that for many families this last week before the 9 - 3 life kicks in is awful, with the kids fighting and bickering. Not us, so far. They just seem to have too much to do to fight, I guess.

Happy stitching,



Vicki W said...

Oh, I didn't realize that you had to sell your Millie - so sad! But I'm sure you will find something smaller that will allow you to keep doing your beautiful quilts!

Debra Spincic said...

eh, selling your shop! Were you ready for that?

I like the clown photo but more the eye in the forehead than the cell phone! Lucky that they do play together--that's a blessing.